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Big Island Honey

About the Big Island Honey Co.

In the heart of the breathtaking Big Island of Hawaii, nestled 2500 feet above the azure sea, lies a sanctuary of bees and a haven for nature's golden nectar - the Big Island Honey Company. Rooted in tradition, nurtured by passion, and surrounded by the beauty of the Big island, this family-owned honey company has a tale that echoes through generations.

From the Founder, Kyle Ewing

Kyle Ewing's journey to founding the Big Island Honey Co. in 2023 is rooted in a deep passion for preserving the natural beauty and ecological harmony of Hawaii. Inspired by the island's lush landscapes and unique floral diversity, Kyle embarked on a mission to create a sustainable business that not only celebrated the island's pristine environment but also contributed to its preservation.

With a commitment to organic beekeeping practices and a dedication to unique, high-quality honey production, Kyle saw an opportunity to support local Hawaiian communities while raising awareness about the vital role bees play in the ecosystem.

The Big Island Honey Company is driven by a vision of harmony between humanity and nature, and a desire to share the island's sweet produce with the world while safeguarding its ecological treasures.

 Kyle Ewing Signature